"Thank you Emil, I didn't realize how good things could be? Keep this up, you are doing great things!"
Get ready for a... 
"So, what is this Marriage Makeover thingy?"
The 2-week marriage makeover is a super fast way to super charge your marriage, get you on the same page together and moving in the direction of greater closeness and understanding. Every day you are sent a link to join in for a special webinar. After the webinar, a challenge will be offered for. The mission, if you choose to accept it, will help you apply the principles and practices that the webinar covered for the day. Below is a schedule of what will be covered in the two weeks.  
  •  Day 1 - Attitude and Trajectory: Align to the new custom-built-marriage paradigm. A whole new world opens up!! 
  •  Day 2 - Goals: Strategy and exercise and principles or creating marriage goals that bring you closer together.
  •  Day 3 - Spouse 2.0: To take your marriage to the next level, you'll learn how to easily make personal transformations.
  •  Day 4 - Assuming Good Intent: Confidence and closeness come from getting in the head and heart of the other. 
  •  Day 5 - Killing Criticisms: Differences of opinion and preference will happen. Dealing with those differences make or break you.
  •  Day 6 - Fencing Conflict: Mastering the dialog when differences and opinions are shared in a way that creates closeness.
  •  Day 7 - Rest and catch up day!! You're welcome!
  •  Day 8 - Defining and Accepting Reality: Probably the most important element that can create change.
  •  Day 9 - 4 Steps of Complaining: Learn to complain and create change without fighting. 
  •  Day 10 - Disarming Landmines: Resolving Conflict in a way where both feel comfortable and confident. 
  •  Day 11 - Sexual Intimacy for Women: Strengthening the marriage with an emphasis on the physical part.
  •  Day 12 - Sexual Intimacy for Men: The same topic above but ideas especially for men to create safety and connection. 
  •  Day 13 - Rest Catch up day!!! (You will be grateful!)
  •  Day 14 -  Marriage Rocket Rails: How to keep your marriage on track. I will show you a special program to make it super easy to maintain the momentum and changes you've made so you don't slide back from all the progress you made.
Normally this process would take about 12 weeks and over $2400.00, but now that I have stream lined the process and I don't have to limit my time to one client per hour, I can reach more people at a huge discount. 
Plus, I can add so much more...
12 strategic sessions,

The results,

How much you actually will pay,

The savings...
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"I couldn't imagine how fast our relationship got from almost divorced to a second honeymoon - The best money I've ever spent." 
Janet - Reno NV
O.K. But did I miss the deadline??
No worries. The program is now available immediately. Your first webinar is eagerly waiting for you right now!
Are you kidding? If you are too busy to invest some time in your marriage you are just too busy. When things clear off your plate come on back, we want you to succeed at this and not stress you out!

You don't have to know anything. You can do this by yourself. If you can't afford $150.00 for a two week marriage makeover... I don't know what to tell you. You'll end up spending more than that on a lawyer.

Actually you will be surprised by the things that you will learn that can create massive change in your marriage. A watch is made of many gears, when you change a gear, everything changes. Same thing in marriage. When you make changes - things will change. I will show you how.

I know right?! Every day that the goes by in a mediocre marriage, life sucks. Plus,  think of your children. Your children will learn from what you do or don't do.
I've been working with couples transform their relationships for almost 20 years now. I can't wait to help yours too.

So, Why am I doing this?
First, I am frustrated that there isn't more of an effort to help couples really get the training they need to make their marriages more amazing. Seriously. Did you know that divorce costs United States tax payers over $300 billion a year!!?  So, I'm doing my civic duty helping your marriage!!
Second, I really enjoy doing this. Seriously... I love helping couples quickly create a sense of closeness and passion in their marriages. It's fun for me! 
Third, I want to make a bigger difference with more people. I can't do that one hour - one couple at a time. I want to free up some time to spend with family and do some things I only dreamed of. That's the honest truth. I figured that if I made helping more marriages become more amazing and make it more affordable, then I could actually fulfill some of my dreams.
As a marriage therapist I thought I should have been taught the time tested strategies to work though marital conflict. What I discovered, surprised me. The reason I wasn't taught these strategies was because at the time there wasn't a seamless process to help couples take issues and resolve them. So, after years of research and using my own failures from my own marriage as a testing lab, combined with 20 years of developing and polishing. The result is a simple and easy to use process to create awesome marriages. I can't wait to help yours!!

And if you knew me, you would know that if I can do it... So can you!!!

Emil Harker MS LMFT
I'm a marriage and family therapist by profession, but I'm also a father and husband. 

I learned right away that being a nice person doesn't mean I was a good communicator. I not only needed to help my clients work through conflict, I needed solutions myself.

This program is a time tested compilations of a seamless program to take the inevitable hurts and frustrations in marriage and resolve them for good.

I invite you to join me, by learning the skills that govern marriage success!! 

Sign up now for the 2 week Marriage Makeover.
Super Cool Bonus for YOU!!!
Dr. Eric Fromm, one of the masters of deep psychology dives into the roots of what love is, and how it is made.

You will learn how the feeling of being in love is something that can be recreated and strengthened over time. I found the special pdf link so you don't have to buy it. You get this for totally FREE!!!!
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It's like 12 marriage coaching sessions for less than the price of one!!! Plus a bonus book package worth $84.75 for FREE!!!
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  •  "You Can Turn Conflict Into Closeness" - Workbook ($9.95 Value)
  •  "You Can Turn Conflict Into Closeness" - Ebook ($14.95 Value)
  •  "The Art of Loving" by Eric Fromm- Ebook ($14.95 Value)
  •  14 Day Marriage Makeover ($2400.00 Value)
  •  Plus you are already getting the hardcover book ($24.95)
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